Volant, PA Potter Fest 2017

Volant, PA Potter Fest

This past weekend I headed out to the Volant Potter Fest with my family. The Festival was a really neat idea. All of the shops along Main Street in Volant took on some sort of Harry Potter-themed area. Think Hogwarts Express, Honeydukes, Eeylops Owl Emporium, and more. There was a crazy amount of people – more than the hosts expected, I think. Read More

Creation Fest NE 2017

Creation Fest Wristbands
My Creation Fest wristband, along with my backstage pass for the Fringe stage for Friday.

A couple weeks ago, I ended up going to Creation Fest NE, and it was a blast. I went with my boyfriend’s band, StillWaiting,¬†and they played in the tournament.

The Music

We hung around the Fringe stage for the most part, watching the other tournament bands in the mornings, and the heavier bands throughout the evenings. Read More