My Top 10 Uplifting Songs

Top 10 Encouraging Songs for a Bad Day

If you’re feeling down or in need of some encouragement, this playlist is one of my first recommendations to you. These are my go-to uplifting songs for when I’m feeling unloved, depressed, or a little bit lost. I’ve taken some of my favorite lyrics and put them in as well. Most of the lyrics are reminders that God treasures you, that he’s redeemed you, and that he’ll protect you.

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My Society6 Wishlist

My Society6 Wishlist

For those of you who don’t know, Society6 is a cool site where you can buy art on plenty of products. Think anywhere from art prints to phone cases to leggings—plus so much more! (Check out my shop right here.) What I have below are some of my favorite products from various artists, all together in one wishlist.

Why I love Society6:

-Because Society6’s artists get a percentage of money from each sale made, so it’s a wonderful way to support independent artists while still getting some nice-quality products.

-As an artist on the site, I’ve watched the company grow over the past couple years. Their customer service has improved greatly, as has their communication with their artists. Society6 has been very willing to help us find ways to promote our art, as it helps them as well.

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How to De-stress after a Long Day

Especially after a long day, it's important to de-stress.

I know how you feel.

It seems impossible to catch up with life, even though it looks like it’s chasing you. You’ve had an awful day, and there’s a weariness that sinks down into your bones. Desperately, you look for a way to unwind, to de-stress.

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Tips for Slimming down Your To-Do List

We’ve all done it. We’ve taken all of the possible things we could do, and then we’ve tried to cram it all into one day. By the end of the day, you haven’t finished your to-do list, and you’re feeling discouraged and stressed. There’s always going to be plenty to do. So how do we keep everything organized, still accomplish what we need to, and not stress ourselves out? Read More