About Rebekah Joan

Hey, there! I’m glad you decided to stop by.

I’m Rebekah, a 20-year-old who’s taking on life’s adventures as they come about. A little lost, a bit overwhelmed, but ever-hopeful.

If you came here seeking encouragement, tidbits on art-related things, and a few life tips, you’ve landed in a good spot. God has taught me plenty (and continues to), and you’re welcome to stick around and glean from my life’s lessons. You’ll be able to find plenty in the way of photography and writing, especially in relation to my Society6 shop.

A Bit More About Me

To start things off, I believe that God created us with beautiful, creative minds. So one of my favorite things to do is taking something that’s broken and making it beautiful again. Some of my loves are photography, as well as writing, and I’m just┬ábeginning to dip my toes into graphic design.

I love taking walks in the woods, drinking too much tea, and reading good books. You’ll also almost always find me listening to a decent range of music.

I started blogging years ago (find my personal/writing blog here). Publishing my writing online turned out to be a great creative outlet. It also gave me a nice little community of other writers like myself. I decided to expand my blogging adventures here as a way of sharing about my life journey and what I learn along the way.


You can get ahold of me by using the contact form right here.

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