My Top 4 Christian Magazines for Inspiration

4 Inspiring Christian Magazines

A year or two back, I’d been on a hunt to find a solid Christian magazine. There were a couple reasons—

First, I was beginning to think that maybe, as I learned the craft of writing, I could write for some of those magazines. Second, I also wanted to find a place where I could get faith-centered encouragement and inspiration. Third, I thought it would be interesting to see what Christians outside my circle were saying, thinking, and doing about our culture.


RELEVANT was one of the first Christian magazines that I discovered. They’re also the only magazine I pay a subscription for. It’s written by young people, for young people, and ever since I found the magazine, I’ve loved that about them.

We talk about culture and real-life issues that other faith-based magazines might shy away from, because we believe it’s important to address the gritty stuff of life—even when it makes us uncomfortable.

Inspiring and Empowering Magazines

They cover a lot of music, along with things like prayer, unique takes on controversial topics, and intentional living. While most things have to be taken with a grain of salt, flipping through RELEVANT’s pages can be a humbling learning experience. You read statistics you don’t want to admit are true, and then you’re offered ideas for fixing those sad facts.

Favorite article: “Don’t Just Give Up on ‘Bad Friends’” by Lindsey Maestas

Grit & Virtue

I found Grit & Virtue through their hashtag #gritandvirtue on Instagram. I loved the combination of those words, and I’d often find myself scrolling through that hashtag. One day, I found a post by the magazine and was soon all over their feed.

We equip women on a mission to build unstoppable momentum, become spiritually confident, and to never feel alone on the journey.

Grit & Virtue is an online Christian magazine, and I’ve found many inspiring articles through them. They give you encouragement to keep going, to be a woman of virtue even when it seems impossible. You can read their story here.

Favorite article: “Big Dreams: Does Your Faith Reflect Your Reality?” by Shannon Stoddard

Ruminate Magazine

Ruminate was also one of the first Christian magazines that I discovered. I loved the idea behind their mission and how they seemed intent on always discovering more about God and life.

Relevant and Ruminate Magazines

Our days are often busy and loud, yet we feel empty and asleep. Storytelling and art reminds us to slow down and live more fully awake with compassion, creativity, and curiosity.

Ruminate is a literary Christian magazine. They feature a lot of poetry and a loving, artistic outlook on life.

Favorite article: “On Failure” by Catherine Hervey

Hearts of Gold Magazine

I discovered Hearts of Gold Magazine through Instagram. They point back to free devotionals on their site, feature inspiring women, and in general have a pretty feed.

We are passionate about writing and empowering one other to know our true worth and who we are in Christ. As women with hearts of gold, we tackle bumps in the road head on, knowing that our Heavenly Father guides us back in the right direction.

Inspiring Christian Magazines

Hearts of Gold is an online Christian magazine. You can read their mission here. They cover a range of topics, from food to fashion to relationships and community.

Favorite article: “How long will it take?” by Caroline Loo


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