Volant, PA Potter Fest 2017

Volant, PA Potter Fest

This past weekend I headed out to the Volant Potter Fest with my family. The Festival was a really neat idea. All of the shops along Main Street in Volant took on some sort of Harry Potter-themed area. Think Hogwarts Express, Honeydukes, Eeylops Owl Emporium, and more. There was a crazy amount of people – more than the hosts expected, I think.

The Potter Fest

Potter Fest
Taken by my sister, Jenny.
Potter Fest Window
Taken by my sister, Jenny.

The Potter Fest was put on by a cute little shop called Special-teas, etc. I didn’t get to go inside because the line to get in was super long. Instead, I walked around with my dad to places like Gringott’s Bank or Honeydukes. We saw some pretty cool shops.

Gringotts Bank, Potter Fest

Unfortunately, just about every store we went into was gridlocked because there were too many people. It probably would be wise to have most of the Harry Potter-themed products, etc. outside next time. That way only the people who wanted to go through the shops would.

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Potter Fest Owls
Taken by my sister, Jenny.

Volant’s winery thought of keeping things outside, and so after looking around in shops for a bit, I dragged my mom and my sister up there (they didn’t want to go). It was much farther away from all of the other festivities, but totally worth it. There was a small line outside that lead to a man selling Butterbeer!

Potter Fest Butterbeer
Taken by my sister, Jenny.

My day was complete. I love this stuff so much.

Sorting Hat Potter Fest
Sorting Hat! Taken by my sister, Jenny.
The Tales of Beedle the Bard Potter Fest
Taken by my sister, Jenny.
Owl Potter Fest
Taken by my sister, Jenny.

Platform 9 3/4 Potter Fest

Overall, the Potter Fest seemed to be a success. I personally would’ve preferred more of a system to direct traffic (both vehicles and people), and for an introvert, the masses of people were a bit much at times. But I enjoyed myself and would probably go back if they have one again next year.


  1. It was all definitely worth the trek! I would LOVE to get in on that kind of event – a collaborative town fandom-themed holiday – in the future!

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