What I’ve Learned about Time Management

Learning Time Management
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When I first started this blog, I didn’t think I’d need to set specific days aside for it. I thought I’d be able to work on it in my spare time, and that would be enough. Time management didn’t even cross my mind.

But, funnily enough, my time slipped through my fingers. I wasn’t able to focus on Thoughts from behind the Lens nearly enough. Too many things came up, I wasn’t home enough, or I’d be too tired and fall asleep instead.

This led to me being super stressed out because I had too many things to do, and no time. Here’s what I’ve learned:

Take time management seriously.

This is something that’s actually important, not just some dumb thing you do to make yourself feel like you have your life together. I need to set aside time for blogging or it doesn’t get done. And sometimes that means pushing myself. Because when I come home from work, the last thing I want to do is more work. I’m usually exhausted and ready to fall into bed.

But writing is important to me. So I do it.

How do I apply this?

Take my Instagram, for example.

This week I’ve decided to post on Instagram (follow me here!) every day this week. Which I don’t think I’ve ever done. Ever. So I took Sunday afternoon to do a few photoshoots and research hashtags for my posts. I had everything put together in a note on my phone so I could just copy + paste the hashtags.

Go behind the scenes.

Then there’s plenty of other stuff that goes along with blogging, like:

-writing drafts

-pinning my published posts on Pinterest

-either taking photos or finding them on stock sites

-researching ways that I can be a better blogger

-sorting through my to-do list

. . . and many more things.

If I don’t set aside time for these things, they don’t happen. I say, “Oh, I’ll blog in my spare time.” But then my spare time gets eaten up by sleep or my social life or my day job. If it’s a priority, I build it into my schedule.

I need to stick with my plan.

This goes for more than just time management. I use the same principle in budgeting. And this might just be the most important part of this post.

Let’s say I set aside time to blog. How about a Thursday afternoon? Then, let’s say something comes up. A friend wants to go out for coffee, or I had a really rough morning at work and I really just want to be a slug. What happens if I let that time slip away?

That’s right. If I don’t stick to my plan, I don’t blog. And that’s not a method that works.

So what are you going to do?

Here’s what I’d recommend:

Take whatever it is you need to manage, and then sit down with a piece of paper. Or an app on your phone, a Word document – whatever it is you use. List out what you need to do, and an estimated time for how long it will take you.

Then what? Set aside time for those things. Maybe it’s a Tuesday evening or a Friday morning. Find what works for you, schedule those specific things you came up with, and stick with your plan. Try to keep distractions at bay. The key here is time management, not procrastination.

Best of luck!

Have any other tips? Let me know. I love hearing from you.

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  1. I love this and needed the reminder. Time management has always been a struggle for me, and I tend to function better with a list of things and a plan of when those things might fit in. Something I’ve found incredibly helpful with my IG posts is Later dot com. It doesn’t post for you (like Hootsuite), but you can get your pictures, caption, and hashtags ready to go for whatever day, and it will send a reminder to your phone at the time you’ve chosen so you can open it up, click on the picture, paste the text, and your post is . . . posted. I post on IG about three days per week for my editing account, with specific things on each day, so this is really helpful. It also allows you to keep groups of hashtags and name them, so you can hit them all at once and not retype them or have to copy/paste each time. And it’s free! Always a bonus.

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