Tips for Slimming down Your To-Do List

We’ve all done it. We’ve taken all of the possible things we could do, and then we’ve tried to cram it all into one day. By the end of the day, you haven’t finished your to-do list, and you’re feeling discouraged and stressed. There’s always going to be plenty to do. So how do we keep everything organized, still accomplish what we need to, and not stress ourselves out?

Prioritize your to-do list.

What’s most important to you? Put what you want to have done first, and stick with it. This way, if you don’t finish (because that will happen), you’re still getting the most important things done. You may have things to do, but you can rest in knowing that things can be handled the next day.

Does it need to be done today?

This fits in super well with prioritizing your to-do list. If it can wait until a later day (or a later week), leave it off. Or take that task, break it into smaller tasks, and chip away at it as you can.

What honors God?

As with everything, we need to put God first. We have our priorities, but his come first. When you’re writing your to-do list, keep him in mind. This way, you’re throwing out unnecessary tasks, and your day will be more fulfilling.

Give yourself a limit.

Keep your to-do list small to ease the stress in your life.

This one depends on your list and how much time you have. Give yourself a number limit on how many items you’ll have on your list. I’d suggest keeping it somewhere between 5 and 15, depending on what your tasks are for the day. Give yourself only what you know you can handle. That way, you won’t find yourself overwhelmed.

Add a few easy things to your to-do list.

Easy things are . . . well, easy to do. This is more so you can give yourself a sense of accomplishment. You finish something simple (like making the bed, doing a few yoga exercises, etc.), you cross it off of your to-do list, and voila! Your list is smaller, and you’ve managed to get something done.


To end, I just want to say this: remember to keep your life as least stressful as possible. You’re not here to worry, you’re here to glorify God. And that is what should be at the top of your to-do list.

What do you think? Have some ideas you’d like to add? Put them in the comments! I’d love to hear from you.

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